Monthly Archive for May, 2005

CSS Optimizer .8 is now available. This release finalizes the long-hand to short-hand converter which now supports all short-hand CSS properties. The command line argument parser is also improved and is much more flexible, I’ve also fixed some minor bugs and improved error checking/reporting. I also uploaded the updated source code.

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I’ve been looking at iPodLinux for awhile now wanting to put it on my 4g iPod, unfortunately iPodLinux does not officially support the 4g’s yet and from looking at previous posts on the iPodLinux forums they will not offer help if can’t figure out how to install it from their directions on their web-site; which were a little too vague for me. Somebody put together exactly the type of directions I was looking for which made it easy, actually almost too easy to install it on my iPod. Thanks to exDev for the great directions!

Its pretty cool to have linux on my iPod, the iPodLinux team did a great job on this software- but it’s not near finished. Music plays in ultra slow-motion, there seems to be some bugs with the contrast and click wheel settings on startup. Luckily, you can easily switch from iPodLinux and Apples software. iPodLinux has great games however, much better that Apples brick and solitaire, and the file browser is very cool. If you have an iPod i’d highly recommend trying iPodLinux out!

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App Stop is a little application that allows you to pause an resume an application thus allowing other applications to use the CPU time previously occupied by that application. Right now its in its very early stages, and there is alot I am planning on adding to it, but its perfectly stable and works fine.

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After lots of hard work, I’ve finally finished CSS Optimizer V.7. Improvements in this version include:

  • Recursive directory searching support. Specify a directory and use the -r option to optimize all the CSS files contained in the specified folder.
  • Much better filesystem support.
  • New -s & -n options.
  • Better command line argument parser.

Download it here. Read the readme that comes with the application for more information on how it works. All the source code is now available for download, if you compile it for windows or linux please send me the binary so i can post it on the product page.

Recently, I came across On his site he has an application called JSMin, which does the same thing as CSS Optimizer; just for javascript. He also has an application called JSLint, which looks like a javascript syntax checker. Interesting stuff!

I’ve also (finally!) added the Source page, I hope to add more to it as time allows.

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Recently, while building my new version of my flash web-site I had a problem with a free pixel font i downloaded from Orgdot. Here were the symptoms of my problem:

  • If I embedded the pixel font it would blur when used with a dynamic text field.
  • The same pixel font would not blur if in a static text field.
  • The pixel font would not blur in a dynamic text field that used system (A.K.A. device) fonts.
  • Flash did not give me any errors when embedding the font.
  • The windows version of the same font caused the Flash IDE to hang when it embedded the font (IE when the movie was published)
  • I was following standard pixel font guidelines, sizes in multiples of 8, integer coordinates, 100% _xscale & _yscale.

After wasting a bunch of time I concluded that it MUST be a problem with the font encoding/type. I downloaded the trail for Trans Type and converted the font (previously a postscript font) to a windows true type font. I installed the font, rebooted flash, and it worked. The question that went through my mind was “Why didn’t the windows version of the font work in the first place?” I’m not sure, but Trans Type generated a different size windows true type font than the windows font that you can download from orgdot. My trial is almost out for the Trans Type, I wonder if there is a open source tool to accomplish this incredibly simple task?

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Patrick Mineault has announced on his the AMFPHP Web-Site contest. The prizes look awesome, if I wasn’t so busy I would probably cook something up.

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