Monthly Archive for June, 2005

App Stop V.7 has been released, it includes the following new features:

  • Added optional numeric priority display
  • Added ‘Check For Updates…’ mechanism
  • Added Application CPU usage display support (Thanks to the AGProcess class!)
  • Reorganized the preference panel

The main feature is obviously the CPU display, although internally the foundation has been laid for some new features. The updated source code for App Stop has also been up-loaded.

I’ve also updated some of the Actionscript source code that was posted on the source section of this site. The easingScrollBar class has been updated to fix a bug where the scrolling would be a few pixels off when pixelFontSafe was set to true. The debug class has been updated to allow setting the color of the text in the debug field. Also, has been added which contains simple prototypes that are used in all my projects, you might see references to some of the prototypes contained in that file in my other source files.

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A little off-topic, but anyways…
I saw Batman Begins the other day, I was never really a Batman fan, but the previews looked cool and I hadn’t seen a new movie in awhile so I went out and saw it. I’m happy I did, it was really a incredible movie; the actors were great, the plot was good, the action scenes were awesome! I highly recommend you go out and see it!

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App Stop V.6 is now available for download. This release includes the following features & bug-fixes:

  • Fixed bug where stopped applications would prevent your computer from sleeping
  • Support added for sleep/awake/shut-down operations
  • Added preference panel
  • Added hide application before stopping feature
  • Added show application after continue feature
  • Added ability to specify the icon size
  • Added ability to set priority for applications
  • Added authentication for lowering priority on applications
  • Full source code is now available (To correctly view the project structure you must have Xcode 2.1)


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I noticed this new feature in OS X 10.4, there is now an option to ‘Ignore Ownership on this Volume’. While working on a project that involved changing permissions, I was having trouble since no errors were being reporting from the functions that were changing the permissions, but the permissions were not being changed. I finally figured out that it was the Ignoring Ownership ‘feature’ that was causing this problem. As far as I can tell changing ownership on a file/folder in a volume that has that enabled will not really change the permissions, and no error will be reported. I dont understand what the point of this ‘feature’ is, but now I understand were my confusion in this permission problem was coming from! :)

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I was working on a flash-based project recently which consisted of alot of bitmaps. I always export my bitmaps from Photoshop as png-24, since I always find they yield the best results and have the best support for transparency. The problem I was having in the project I was working on was that when I imported the image, it work look fine- just as how I outputted it from Photoshop. But when I exported the movie, the bitmap lost some of details and replaced jagged grungy edges with straight ones, this was not what I wanted since the site was a ruff & grungy style. I finally discovered that Flash was exporting the image as a jpg, changing it to exporting as a png fixed the problem giving the me the jagged grungy lines I was looking for.

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Flash has so many weird odd bugs it’s sickening.
I was working with a simple timeline animation in Flash that looked like this:

On the timeline was a shape tween that was acting as a mask for two MC’s. I had some initialization code that I only wanted to fire once contained in one of the MC’s, but for some reason it was called twice because the MC was being instantiated twice. I couldn’t figure out why the MC was being instantiated twice, so eventually I took a shot in the dark and converted the shape in the shape tween to a symbol. It worked and the code only fired once. So in the end my timeline looked like this:

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