I noticed this new feature in OS X 10.4, there is now an option to ‘Ignore Ownership on this Volume’. While working on a project that involved changing permissions, I was having trouble since no errors were being reporting from the functions that were changing the permissions, but the permissions were not being changed. I finally figured out that it was the Ignoring Ownership ‘feature’ that was causing this problem. As far as I can tell changing ownership on a file/folder in a volume that has that enabled will not really change the permissions, and no error will be reported. I dont understand what the point of this ‘feature’ is, but now I understand were my confusion in this permission problem was coming from! :)

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  • i’m pretty shure, this flag has been in previous versions of osx. the point of this feature is: if you mount a firewiredrive with files on it created by a user with another UID. as the first user on osx client version has UID 501, the second has UID 502 a.s.o.. you only realize the permission-issue, if p.e. the first user on an osx system wants to change stuff that the second user of an osx system has created.

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