App Stop V.7 has been released, it includes the following new features:

  • Added optional numeric priority display
  • Added ‘Check For Updates…’ mechanism
  • Added Application CPU usage display support (Thanks to the AGProcess class!)
  • Reorganized the preference panel

The main feature is obviously the CPU display, although internally the foundation has been laid for some new features. The updated source code for App Stop has also been up-loaded.

I’ve also updated some of the Actionscript source code that was posted on the source section of this site. The easingScrollBar class has been updated to fix a bug where the scrolling would be a few pixels off when pixelFontSafe was set to true. The debug class has been updated to allow setting the color of the text in the debug field. Also, has been added which contains simple prototypes that are used in all my projects, you might see references to some of the prototypes contained in that file in my other source files.

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  • just tried out APP STOP and i think it’s very useful. there is one item for the suggestion box that i hope that you’d consider for your future update:

    how about adding a precise visual input for the Application Priority slider; that is, displaying numeric values instead of LOW, MIN, NORMAL, HIGH, and MAX. currently, for example, the different position choices of the slider suggests different levels of MIN, but it’s difficult to identify between applications because the visual changes on the slider is difficult to decipher.


    asheville, nc

  • Oops… embarassed… disregard the suggestion… i completely missed the option in the preference.


    asheville, nc

  • Thanks!

    And for anybody else who is reading this blog, the ‘human’ representation of the priority values are backwards (IE ‘min’ should be 20 and not -20). In the next release they will be fixed.

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