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CSS Optimizer has been updated to version .9. This update includes a small set of improvements & additions:

  • Improved recursive directory processing
  • Improved compatibility with fie/directory names that contain periods
  • Added support for parsing css information inside <style> tags
  • Added -h option adding support for .html & .htm files

In addition to those improvements I’ve written a Cocoa GUI for CSS Optimizer, which can be downloaded on the CSS Optimizer product page. The Cocoa GUI, named CSS Optimizer X, supports many Mac OS X features such as Drag n’ Drop, sheets, and drawers.

The source code for CSS Optimizer is updated, I also posted the source code for Color Blender, and CSS Optimizer X.

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What I’ve always found a major pain in Flash was delaying a function call from being called for a short period of time. The only reasonable way to do it was to call setInterval() and then clearInterval() after the function was called. I had to keep a intermediate variable to keep the interval id that setInterval() returned. This was a major pain and often ended up in cluttering up my project with code like this:

function delay() {

I hate having to make intermediate variable & functions to accomplish really simple task. I came across Tom Rethaller’s schedule() method on and it was just what i was looking for except it had some scope issues and wouldn’t allow you to schedule the same function to be called on multiple instances of a object. I fixed up the code and posted is on proto.layer51 as well as on this site. With this prototype addition, you can simply call the schedule() method on a function to delay it like this:

aFunction.schedule(1000,  scopeObject);

and ‘aFunction’ will be called in 1 second in the scope of ‘scopeObject’.
Hopefully you’ll find this method as useful as I do! :)

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I never thought it would happen, but I’m happy it did!
Apple is officially switching to Intel processors. I think this is a very good move for Apple, this will allow them to put faster, cheaper processors into Macs. According to the information on the WWDC keynote, developers wont have to do much at all to make their Cocoa based apps work on Intel processors; I’m pretty amazed Apple could pull this off.

Most Windows/Linux users are probobly thinking “Now I can run os x on my Dell.” I would suggest that Apple, to the best of their ability, will make this impossible to do. x86 based os x will most likely only run on Apple branded Intel boxes; which I believe is a good thing, most of Windows’ problems stem from incompatibility in different hardware configurations.

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Leaps and bounds in progress have been made in the journey towards total open-source flash development. MTASC, Swfmill, Xcode-Actionscript plug-ins, but one thing has been lacking; a resource of information on how to fully integrate all these applications together to create a Flash-IDE-Free development environment. Well, this problem has just been solved by the big players in the Open-Source flash movement by the unveiling of wiki & mailing list. I’ve added some content to wiki, and many, many other flash developers have added content too. Its already an incredible Open-Source flash resource!

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