This is a weird bug/feature I found in Flash a week or two ago. I like to declare my variables in classes like this:

class electric {
	var voltage = 100;

	function electric() {}

Well, I was working on a project a few weeks ago and I had a class that looked something like this:

class data {
	var info = [];

	function data() {}


Throughout the SWF I code like this:"info 1",  "info2");"info 3",  "info 4");

When I traced dataOb, I got this output:

info 1,  info2,  info 3,  info 4

But I only added “info 1″ and “info 2″ to the array? Why would “info 3″ and “info 4″ be in their too? It seems as though if you declare a variable as an array in the variable declaration and dont re-initalizie it in the constructor (IE, info = []) then the array will be shared across instances of the class. This effect doesn’t seem to happen with number declaration like the one in the example electric class I posted. Here’s an example showing what I just explained.

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