Flash says it supports ID3 1.0 & 2.0 tags, but from my experience MM implementation of ID3 tags in Flash is very poor and half the time I cant get any ID3 information. Has anybody had any luck with ID3 information in Flash? Most Flash-based MP3 players out there don’t use ID3 information for song titles and such but load the information from an XML file, so I assume this is a commonly known bug although I haven’t seen any information about this anywhere on the net…

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  • I made a player before using id3 tag info to fill the title. this is the code I used to get the title of the song:

    nowPlaying.onID3 = function() {
    title_txt.text = this.id3.TIT2;

    nowPlaying is the sound object that holds the current song. It worked fine for me. however, i noticed that setting the ID3 tags in winamp was good, but when I set them in iTunes I got undefined for the title. i’m not sure what the issue is there, but when i set them with winamp, that worked for me.

  • ‘I set them in iTunes I got undefined for the title.’, ah, thats interesting because thats what i was using for setting the ID3 information. Although I also used audacity, when I used audacity the ID3 information displayed correctly locally but not remotely- not sure what the issue is there.

  • I know it has been a while since this post was made but I was hitting the same errors you were hitting with Flash and MP3 ID3 tags. I’ve found that while iTunes does a lot of the programming side of things wrong (it’s Apple, anyway), the album art is actually what throws Flash off. I ended getting a program called TagRunner, and it’ll set ID3 tags perfectly, even with album covers taken from Amazon.com. I’d highly suggest getting it if you’re still working with these problems.

  • I have tested id3 tag issues with flash 8 and here is what i am thinking. i ran across a blog mentioning that in flash 7 (mx2004) mp3 functions are reclassified as private so the data is unavailable. i dont know yet if that is still the case in flash 8, probably not because i have noticed that the id3 onID3 tag works in firefox, but not in MSIE6 or the standalone Flash player. Strangely enough it works fine in the testing player. I also tested a website that has working id3 tags on it – but it was apparently compiled with an older version of flash. when downloading it and recompiling it in flash 8, it did not work.

    the blog i mentioned:


    the site with working id3 in msie6:


    if there is anyone who has a workaround – using an older version of flash seems to be the only answer though really

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