Woot! :) The Flash 8 IDE has finally been announced! I have high hopes for this Flash IDE release since the Flash IDE on the mac right now totally stinks. Luckily, the beta testers are able to talk, I’ve searched around looking for anything about performance improvements on the Mac IDE, and I’ve found it. Heres a quote from their blog post:

“greatly improved performance on Mac OS X”

YESS! I hope with improved performance they fixed the ULTRA slow redrawing of panels, fixed the utterly horrible built in code editor, improved compiler speed by 200%, and added tabbed windows. Keep your fingers crossed.

If you dont have Flash yet, and are looking to buy it, there is a little tip at the end of the blog post I linked to above that will allow you to get the whole studio 8 (which includes Dreamweaver 8, Flash Professional 8, Fireworks 8, Contribute 3, and FlashPaper 2) for simply the upgrade price of Studio 8 $400:

“Aside from all the other nice stuff you’ll find in Studio 8, its pricing is worthy of particular note. For the first time, Macromedia is offering a single upgrade price for Studio 8 of US$399, which lets you upgrade from any prior version of the studio or one of its component products to the full Studio 8 (which now includes Flash Professional). So if you don’t already have one of these products, it would be worth checking eBay now for a cheap, legitimate copy of, say, Flash 3. You could probably find it for less than $20, but having that serial number will mean you’ll only need to pay the upgrade price of US$399 for Studio 8, not the full price of US$999.”

So basically, you can buy Flash 4 off e-bay for $20, then pay $400 to get Studio 8. Not a bad deal, the same price as if you got Flash Basic by itself. I’m pre-ording right now to get that cool backpack :P

UPDATE: Here’s an interesting piece of information from the Macworld newsletter:

“Flash 8 Professional comes with many new features including higher-quality video and improved text tools, but Macromedia also focused on improving the experience for Mac users. Document tabs are now included in both Flash 8 Professional and Dreamweaver, a feature that was available for Windows in the last version of the suite. Macromedia also moved to Mach-O for both Dreamweaver and Flash, bringing it closer to native Mac OS X APIs.

Flash Player 8 will now use Apple supported Open-GL to render graphics, a move the Macromedia says brings performance very close to its Windows counterpart.
Flash 8 Professional also includes Filters, which allow designs to be made with built-in filter effects like drop shadow, blur, glow, bevel, gradient bevel and color adjust. Adding the filters does not increase the file size of the Flash file because Flash Player 8 renders the filters in real-time. Another addition to the latest version of Flash is a new font rendering engine called FlashType intended to provide clear, high-quality font rendering.”

Sweetness! Sounds like MM spent some time on the Mac IDE this time around. I’m getting very excited about this release :)

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