I’m very happy to announce the release of App Stop 1.0!
This release encompasses months worth of work and hopefully makes for a very solid 1.0 release for App Stop.

The following fixes & changes have been made:

  • Added right click menu to the table view
  • Fixed bug where after the computer goes to sleep, the menu icon will not change to represent if their is a paused application
  • Added option to use a black menu icon set
  • Combined the image & name columns in the table view
  • Rewrote outputting from authnice so integers are directly outputted, instead of being converted back and forth between C strings
  • App Stop now requires that you successfully authorize yourself, or app stop will terminate
  • App Stop is now multi-account safe
  • Added ‘App Stop Help’ menu item
  • Some UI clean-up/polishing
  • Made a workaround for the weird crashing bug on 10.3, you now have to restart App Stop for preference changes in the ‘Background Processes’ tab to take effect
  • Greatly improved help/documentation

Remember to send any bug reports & feature requests to me.

Average Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 283 user reviews.

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  • I tried emailing you, but your email system seems to be down. Appstop is causing Dragthing to hang from time to time when other apps are paused (I never pause Dragthing). I tried turning off the dragthing “process dock” and all the preferences I could find that may make it poll the system regarding running apps, but it didnt help much. Any feedback would be appreciated.


  • PS….I’m runnin Dragthing 5.6 on Panther 10.3

  • Strange that my e-mail was down, it seems to be working fine now.

    Thanks for the report. I’ll contact dragthing and see if we can fix it.

  • I already heard back from him. Seems that if you have the “windows dock” enabled in dragthing, it causes the conflict. Dragthing polls the system for active apps window status, and having the apps “paused” causes dragthing to hang. It’s really not a bug in either software, I guess, but just what happens when they are used together.

    Anyway, Iv’e disabled the windows dock in dragthing and all seems well.

    I do have a feature request, though. In the menu list, is there anyway to have an apps icon and/or name highlighted in some way to indicate its paused status??


  • Happy to hear you found the problem.

    I’ve been meaning to implement the above feature you mentioned. I’m not sure how exactly I should do it. The only idea I have come up with is a check mark next to the app icon to indicate that the app is running. What do you (or anybody reading this blog) think about that?

  • Anything that would visually differentiate them would be fine. A checkmark next to paused apps might be better, as most folks would have more apps running than paused.

    Maybe you can have paused apps on top of the menu and running apps on the bottom, separated by a divider?

    Again, anything that distinguishes them visually would be great

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