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A little late in reporting this, but life is busy…

The devastation wrought by hurricane Katrina is enormous, its very saddening to see an American city looking like a third-world country. Even more saddening is level of crime that New Orleans is experiencing, the raping and stealing that is occurring is especially saddening. Instead of the citizens of New Orleans trying to be charitable to each other, help each other survive, and find a way out of the city; some citizens have given into evil-doing and are committing mass crimes preventing law officials from saving the various people all around the city..

I will be donating as much as I can to disaster relief foundations, and keeping the people of New Orleans in my daily prayers- I encourage you to do the same.

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Last week I needed to combine a couple of PDF’s together. I thought ‘I’m in this advanced operating system it should be easy’. Well, it wasn’t, and the solutions out on and the like were either shareware (I wasn’t going to pay $20 for such a simple task such as this), or didn’t output the PDF correctly (for instance, you couldn’t search/select the text that previously was searchable/selectable). I was kind of annoyed that simple task like this could not be completed on such a modern operating system such as OS X; so I wrote my own program and thus PDFCombine 1.0 was born.

PDFCombine uses the new PDFKit framework introduced in 10.4 to do all the hard work, so it was really very easy to write the program. Kudos to Apple for doing a fantastic job on the API for this framework. If their is enough interest maybe I’ll write a nice GUI for this application, let me know if you would like a Cocoa GUI for this. Full source code is available for download.


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