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The Webdings font has alot of common symbols that can be used in web-sites. For instance, the pause, fast-foward, play, etc symbols are all in the Webdings font. This might seem really obvious to seasoned designers, but I never knew this. You can find a listing of what symbols equal what keys on your keyboards here.

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I’ve been wanting an LCD monitor for quite some time now, and I finally decided to jump for one after one of my friends told me he got a 19″ for ~$200. He said the monitor he got was a X2Gen MG19VT. I checked out all the reviews on the net and found that 4.5 stars was the lowest rating it got, I was able to check the monitor out at my friends house and after seeing it I placed the order the next day.

After using it for a little over 3 weeks I have to say its a nice monitor. Its big, bright, has no dead pixels, good resolution, thin, wall-mountable – and best of all- all at a very low price. I would highly recommend getting it if your in the market for an LCD, there is really nothing that I can say bad about this LCD (the built in speakers are really junky, but I have a stereo system for my computer already so it doesn’t matter to me).

X2Gen LCD Monitor

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This year for Christmas I bought myself the Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000, and I have to say after about a month of use, this is one very nice keyboard. Before I got this keyboard I was using the standard Apple keyboard which caused my wrists to hurt after about 30min of typing. This keyboard doesn’t bother my wrists at all, the split design along with the elevated center really does relieve stress on my wrists. The programmable keys at the top are also very nice- and they are fully functional on OS X! What surprised me most was that it only took me about a week to get my typing speed up to what it was before and after about three weeks of use, my typing speed is considerable faster than before with less typing errors.

My only gripe about this keyboard is the ‘zoom slider’; this would be much better suited as a ‘scroll slider’. I scroll alot more than I zoom.

I would highly recommend picking one of these up, I was able to get it for ~$45 at Amazon; but it looks at though they changed the price.

Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

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Will Shipley has posted about a bounty for the first person to get Windows to successfully boot on an Intel Mac. When I first heard about Apple switching to Intel chips I immediately thought: “Wow! Linux, Windows, and OS X on one machine! That would be computer utopia!”. Unfortunately Apple decided to use the EFI instead of BIOS, so Windows XP wont boot on the current Intel Macs (Windows Vista might boot though…). It’ll be interesting to see if this is possible and if it ends up being accomplished.

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I’ve had this hanging around for awhile now, I just haven’t had a chance to package it up and put it out there: XASH 1.1.

Alot of changes have been made in this release:

  • Book filtering
  • Window position & size are saved
  • Constraint on min left splitview width added
  • The help window will appear automatically when XASH is ‘clicked on’ (activated)
  • Groundwork is laid for live searching
  • Fixed bug where nothing would appear in the left document outline
  • Window title now represents what page you are currently viewing
  • flash 7/flash 8 root help directory paths can now be specified by the preferences keys f7Path and f8Path
  • You can specify additionally directorys to be searched for help files through the preference key additionalSearchPaths
  • Redid the program structure (now their is only one .nib file containing all the objects)
  • Added an application icon
  • XASH is now a universal binary

I added the ability to specify the paths to your flash 7 and flash 8 help file directories along with the ability to specify additional paths to search for help files at. I was too lazy to write a GUI allowing you edit this, so if you want to change the default values your going to either have to use the


command line application, or Apple’s Property List Editor (included with the dev tools). Here a list of the keys that would want to edit in the


files located in



  • f7Path

    - string, path to the Flash 7′s help files directory. The default value for this is:

    /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Macromedia/Flash MX 2004/en/Configuration/HelpPanel/Help/
  • f8Path

    - string, path to the Flash 8′s help files directory. The default value for this is:

    /Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Macromedia/Flash 8/en/Configuration/HelpPanel/Help/
  • f7Index

    - string, URL file path referencing the main index file Flash 7′s help files. The default value is:

  • f8Index

    - string, URL file path referencing the main index file Flash 8′s help files. The default value is:

    file:///Users/Shared/Library/Application%20Support/Macromedia/Flash%20MX2004 /en/Configuration/HelpPanel/Help/Welcome/Welcome_help.html
  • additionalSearchPaths

    - array of directory paths representing other directories to search for Flash help files at. The default value is an array with a single element whose value is:

    ~/Library/Application Support/Macromedia/Flash MX 2004/en/Configuration/HelpPanel/Help/

Please send me any feedback you may have.

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Heres something I came across today, flip4mac, a free Quicktime plug-in that allows you to play Windows Media Player files in your Quicktime player. From the quick testing I’ve done, this Quicktime plug-in works alot better than Microsoft’s Windows Media Player. If your a mac user I’d recommend downloading it.

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