Monthly Archive for April, 2006

Cocoa is very nice in that it gives you alot of functionality “for free”; spell checking, table sorting, text searching, font selection, etc, etc. Unfortunately it can be hard to disable the “for free” functionality; for instance, table sorting. To disable table sorting in a NSTableView using Cocoa bindings (via NSArrayController) isn’t as simple as clicking a “isSortable” checkbox in interface builder, or calling

-[table setIsSortable:NO];

; the solution is less straightforward than you would expect. Apple hasn’t documented how to disable sorting in table views using bindings, so it was up to a clever programmer to figure it out. Unfortunately, his solution didn’t work for me, my custom NSCell’s


method kept being sent


for some odd reason. After a little more searching I found a solution that worked for me. Sisabling sorting when using bindings is as simple as calling

[tableView unbind:@"sortDescriptors"];

; Apple, please document this type of stuff instead of leaving us to waste time figuring it out!

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I’ve finally unveiled what has been keeping me busy over the last few months: iDictionary 1.0; my first shareware application. iDictionary enables you to put a dictionary or thesaurus on your iPod, check out the product page for more information.

Now that I have released that, I’ll have some more time to put into this site. I have a couple of new open-source things I’ve been wanting to put up for download, so hopefully I’ll be able to put that up soon.

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I was talking to my uncle a month or two ago and he was telling me about the ice sailing going on the lake near his house. I’ve never heard of ice sailing before and I was surprised to find out that these ice sail boats go around 50-60mph! He finally sent me pictures the other day, so I got an idea of what these things look like. As you can see below, these boats are pretty small; it must be pretty cool going 50-60mph on these things.

Ice Boats
Ice Sailing

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This isn’t any big news for any of you non-web people, but I just finished making this site fully XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliant. In the process I’ve added some new content on some pages, and tweaked the style of some. On previous sites I’ve created I really didn’t care that much about compliancy but with the last couple sites I’ve made I found that keeping the site complaint made the development process alot easier. If you really don’t know much about XHTML I recommend reading this article; I found it very informative.

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XASH 1.2 has just been released. This release has the following enhancements.

  • Fixed a nil URL bug
  • Added live (itunes-like) searching
  • Some code cleanup/reorganization
  • Added drag n’ drop for adding additional search paths
  • Added the sparkle update framework


If your a Cocoa developer you may want to check out XASH’s source code, it has a nice implementation of enabling a NSTableView to have a drag n’ drop capabilities while still using NSArrayController to populate the table.

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