Monthly Archive for June, 2006

I’ve recently created a SVN repo for XASH, anybody whose interested in the latest source can anonymously checkout through the following command:

svn co

Juan Carlos Anorga (thanks Juan!) has committed some great changes that are worth checking out if you have Xcode and are willing to compile XASH from source. I’ll be releasing XASH 1.3 which will include his changes within the next week.

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iDictionary 1.1 has just been released, new features include:

  • iDictionary Lite has been merged into iDictionary, this means that if you don’t own a license you can still use iDictionary; but, your dictionaries will be restricted to letters a-z.
  • Added “Created Dictionaries” window. You can now view and select all previously created dictionaries to easily copy them to your iPod. The “Created Dictionaries” window also features a “Reveal in Finder” function which allows you to see where the selected dictionary is located on your computer.
  • User interface improvements to the dictionary & iPod selection tables
  • “Under-the-hood” improvements to the iDictionary code base.

You find a little more detail about the release on the new Prosit Blog.
Also, from now on, all announcements of Prosit Software related stuff be will announced on that blog, there will be no more shameless self promotion on this blog! Yay!

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I’ve made some progress on App Stop on intel macs. I’m currently working with a couple people trying to resolve the remaining issues and I should have a stable build out in a week or two. To make the App Stop source code more accessible to developers who may want to help with App Stop development I’ve set up a SVN repository. Anybody can view the source and you can checkout a copy of the source code using the following command:

svn co

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I’ve never really spent time creating a mail “workflow” that worked for me; but recently I’ve had trouble keeping up with the email in my inbox and remebering what emails I needed to reply to. I decided to spend some time streamlining my email workflow.


The first thing I proceeded to do was to create e-mail folders (or mailboxes as they are called in Apple Mail). I was greeted by a lovely “Mailbox Creation Failed” alert panel.
Mailbox Creation Failed: Unable to create path ~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Test.mbox.
Using my computer troubleshooting skillz I first looked at Mail’s troubleshooting section – nothing. Next I googled “Unable To Create Mailbox Apple Mail”, all i found were unanswered questions. Next I looked at the console, I found this log message related to the problem:

Couldn't create partial directory path /Users/Mike/Library/Mail/Mailboxes/Test.mbox

Well, that means absolutely nothing to me either. Finally I ended up looking in


and then comparing it to another account whose had no trouble creating mailboxes. What I found was that for some reason in my account instead of their being a directory located at


there was a 0kb file. Deleting the file and replacing it with a folder solved the problem.


Recently there has been alot of talk about plug-ins for mail, in particular the Mail Act On plug-in. I downloaded it and immediately was impressed at how well it integrated into mail. Heres the description from the Mail Act On home page:

Mail Act-On is a plugin for Apple’s Mail (Panther) in that allows you to map specific mail rules or actions to “Act-On” keys. When viewing mail you can apply the “Act-On” action for a message by making simple keystrokes.

Mail Act-On makes use of Mail’s existing rule engine, so if you have ever created a rules, you already know 99% of what you need to know to build an Act-On action. Imagine, no AppleScripts or other macros. (Even if you haven’t ever created a mail rule, there is very little to learn!)

It does exactly what it says, and does it well. Unfortunately I found that there was not way to mark a message as unread through the “rule actions”. Luckily you can attach a applescript to a mail rule, so with some help and my almost non-existant applescript knowledge I came up with this simple Mark As Unread applescript.

So now my inbox is alot more organized, I have alot of un-replied emails that I’m working on replying to and a ton of feature requests that I’m organizing but I’m slowly reaching the point of greater email organization.

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