Applying Filters To a Loaded Image

I haven’t done any Flash work in awhile, and I guess I forgot the amount of quirks it has (although its getting much better).
Applying filters to a loaded image doesn’t work. I loaded a MC using this code:

var loader = new MovieClipLoader();
var listener = {onLoadInit:Delegate.create(this, imageLoaded)};
loader.loadClip("pic.png", holder);

Then tried to apply a filter like so:

var blur = new flash.filters.BlurFilter(30, 0, 3);
holder.filters = [blur];

But nothing happened. The filter works fine on a MC containing a image from the library. The solution? Well, after about 30 minutes of banging my head against the wall trying to get it work I figured I’d try wrapping the image in another MC and then applying the filter wrapper MC. Walla, filter is applied. Why Macromedia, why cant you just make a simple note in the


help page noting that filters cannot be applied to loaded images?

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