XASH 1.3 has finally been released! This update is way overdue and has the following improvements:

  • Added CMD+F shortcut to bring the search field into focus
  • Much improved interface thanks to Juan Carlos Anorga
  • Added a plus button to add additional search paths in the preference panel (you can also add via Drag N’ Drop)
  • Added a way to change the flash 8 search path and index file to work with non-english flash installations (this is only temporary, much better non-english flash support is in the works)
  • You can now reload help files without relaunching the program
  • Reorganized preference pane
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Updated Sparkle.framework to 1.1
  • XASH now has its own SVN Repo

You can download the application from the product page linked above, or you can update your current version of XASH using the built in “Check For Updates…” functionality in the application menu. You can grab the latest source from the subversion repository or you can download the source here.


Average Rating: 4.7 out of 5 based on 165 user reviews.

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  • Congrats on the release, Michael, looks great.

  • Michael,

    NICE WORK!!!! I do a lot of hardcore AS2 development and this is undispensable tool in my arsonal. Keep it up!!

    Samuel Agesilas

  • hi Michael,

    very nice work :)

    it is a great utility, and still more when the flash aid is so bad.

    I believe that serious essential, to leave it really perfect, it is that it has support for as3 and flex 2.

    very complicated? an idea is single, but I congratulate to you again and we hoped that they give desire to see the one you of as3 and flex 2 :P

    Emiliano Velasco

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