It confounds me as to why Apple will provide an easy way to get a reference a standard system sound (via -soundNamed:) but doesn’t provide any easy way to get a list of available system sounds. Well, as you might of guessed, I’ve created a NSSound category that adds this functionality. The code is adapted from this cocoa-dev post. You can download the source files (BSD license) here.

On a side note I’ve updated the source code page. The underlying code is now alot cleaner (and renders correctly on IE!) and it uses some of those fancy AJAX transitions.

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  • Hehe I stumbled across the same issue… I wrote my own as well :-)

    I keep thinking that we (Cocoa programmers) need a website where we can put this stuff (like except for Cocoa). There are so many disparate wonderful cocoa classes floating around, it’d be great to have a central repository for them!

    Cheers and thanks for the great work –


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