At last XTrace 1.1 is out the door! This has been a long time coming, and has alot of changes & new features:

  • CMD+Shift+C now clears the log window
  • XTrace now automatically starts the trace server
  • Added the Sparkle (auto updating) framework
  • Added the ability to disable wrapping in the log window
  • Added the option for window auto-close (log window will close when the SWF it is connected to closes)
  • New icon thanks to Ale!
  • Log message coloring/formatting thanks to Daniel Giribet
  • Compiled & tested as a universal binary

I’ve recorded a quick tutorial on how XTrace works. If you’re new to XTrace, or just want a quick refresher I encourage you to take a look.

If you would like to get involved with development, please send me an email! If you have a feature you want added contact me and I’ll give you SVN access you so you can contribute to the project!

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who contributed ideas/code to this update, it’s great to see other people using my software and contributing time & effort to make it better for the flash community.

Actionscript 3

A lot of people have asked about Actionscript 3 support. Although I don’t use AS3 yet, someone is working on a port of my debug class to AS3 which will allow XTrace to work with AS3.

Zeroi Support

The folks over at Zeroi have created a plugin (modified


class) that allows XTrace to work with Zeroi. If your a Zeroi user, or even if you aren’t, you may want to check it out.

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  • OMFG! You are amazing and I want to have your babies (we’d have to adopt though). First I was blown away by your XASH. And I just started using XTrace, you have made my week. I used to hate flash/actionscript, and I still hate flash/actionscript, but your program makes it just bareable (which is saying alot because my hatred runs deep). The object dump is exactly what the doctor ordered. You f’n rock, keep up the amazing work!

  • Digging using XTrace with zeroi — a fellow developer just gave a prezzo on zeroi. His preference for the publisher is SOS, but I’m the renegade in our shop developing on a Mac, so there you go.

    So I’ve just started to use XTrace, and I’m noticing a formatting issue, where sometimes (pretty often) a log message will just linebreak mid-word. Here’s a sample:

    [DEBUG] UserInterfaceBuilder::registerClassWithClip 85>> mc =
    [DEBUG] UserInterfaceBuilder::regist
    erClassWithClip 85>> mc =
    [DEBUG] HotspotViewParser::parse 72>> len = 2

    The example I’m talking about is where the text “resisterClassWithClip” gets split at “regist” and “erClassWithClip”.

    Any ideas? Using XTrace 1.1, OS X 10.4.9 Core 2 Duo.

    Thanks for the cool logging client!

  • Yes, this is because the flash socket doesn’t wait for a newline to send data to the server, and the client (XTrace) doesn’t wait for it. I guess waiting for a newline is a unfairly specific character, but in reality the socket doesn’t wait for anything to send the data. It just sends whatever it gets, and with longer messages the socket packets get split up on the way to the client (XTrace). I’m looking into to fixing it in the future, although its really not a big deal for me so I dont know when I’ll get to it.

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