Following the XTrace 1.1 update is XASH 1.4. This is a smaller release, but still comes with a good number of improvements:

  • Search speed improvements
  • Hitting return with the help tree in focus will open the currently selected page in the help tree
  • Hitting return in the search field will cause the top most search item to open
  • The book filter is now ‘sticky’ (remembers which book you last filtered by)
  • Compiled & tested as a universal binary

Actionscript 3 Support

Alot of people have emailed me asking about support for Actionscript 3. The fact is, I dont use Actionscript 3 yet (don’t do nearly as much Flash work as I did), so I have no desire to add support for Actionscript 3 documentation. The only way support for Actionscript 3 is going to be added is if I get a huge flash job that requires/needs Actionscript 3.

If you want Actionscript 3 support and XASH and think you might be able to add it yourself contact me and I’ll give you access to the SVN repo.

Now with XASH 1.4 & XTrace 1.1 finally released I can start working on releasing the next big improvement to your flash workflow :)

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  • damn, you read my mind. I just thought to myself today, “xash would be even sweeter if I could just hit return on the results and for-go that nasty mouse”. Keep it coming, I’m naming my firstborn after you.

  • actually if you take the contents of

    and place it in the path that is listed in xash preferences you’ll have an external as3 documentation viewer.


  • This won’t remove the AS2 reference, but you can open preferences of XASH and add an additional search path, /Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS3/en/Configuration/HelpPanel/Help, then reload help files. (This assumes installation of Flash CS3)

    Thanks for making XASH; this is an awesome tool! Whenever I load help within the Flash CS3 environment, my macbook processor usage shoots through the roof. XASH usage: floating just above none; top reports 0.0%!

  • Adding the path to CS3 Help did not work for me for some reason. But I created a symlink from the path that XASH was expecting to the CS3 path and that got it working.

    ln -s Help “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Flash CS3/en/Configuration/HelpPanel/Help”


  • I pulled down the source of XASH hoping to update it for AS3 support and CS3 paths, it was also going to be my first foray into a real Objective-C project.

    But I was surprised to find that the changes have already been made! If you build from source you have AS3 support ready to go.


  • @Joshua Bloom and others wondering about AS3/CS3 integration… it seems that someone has update the SVN Repository to path to the CS3 help files, which works beautifully if you build from the SVN source. thanks to you!

    i don’t know who has repo access, but that code should probably be tagged as v1.5 and put up on here, since the works done already. maybe someone can place the latest code/build on here as well.

  • I’m hoping to have a new build up a couple weeks into the summer… I’ve been really busy lately and havent had time to update much on this site. However I have alot of stuff cooked up that I want to release here.

  • How do you build the app file from the SVN source? I have used svnX before on a mac for textmate bundles, but never to download and create a build of an app from. Any advice?

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