Monthly Archive for January, 2009

I’ve been making more use of my css optimizer in my recent web projects and put some work into creating an automated compression system for css and javascript files in a web project. In an effort to release a script that automates the compression of css and javascript files without compromising the ease of development and debugging I’ve setup a css optimizer service allowing you to use css optimizer without using the web interface or downloading the command line application. Here is how to access this service through the


command line application:

# compression on local css file
curl -F "data=</path/to/local/css/file.css"

# compression on remote url
curl -F "url="

# uncompression on remote url
curl -F "url=" -F "service=uncompress"

More of a convenience that anything else, but this will show its usefulness as I find the time to release the full css and javascript compression system.

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About a year ago I was able to get a MacBook Pro at an incredible low price. I’ve had many of my friends break their laptop screens simply by walking from one location to another because of inadequate padding and protection and I didn’t want my laptop to suffer a similar fate.

Putting the laptop in a incase sleeve wasn’t going to do it for me, and I didn’t want to lug around a ‘laptop bag’; I wanted a backpack specially designed for laptops. Luckily, to my surprise, I found exactly what I was looking for – the STM Evolution. The price on the bag was a little steep: $110. But thats a small price to pay for a easy to carry backpack that provides adequate padding.

For the first couple months the bag worked great. I was able to fit 2-3 large books, the macbook charger, pencils, pens, calculator, various cables, mouse, camera – basically any electronic device I use – in this compact, padded, easy to carry  backpack. However around the six month mark the zipper lining started to wear off and the shoulder strap started to rip. I was very disappointed. I was not expecting a $110 bag to fall apart within the first six months.

I decided to call up STM and try to get a replacement. The bag came with a lifetime warranty, but I honestly didn’t think I would actually be able to get the backpack replaced without spending copious hours on the phone or searching through old paperwork. To my surprise it took me less than an hour to get a replacement sent out. I sent them photos of the ripped shoulder strap along with my receipt and then sent me out a new one on the spot. Very impressive customer support. I received the new bag four days after making the claim and it ended up being a updated version with increased padding and better construction. My initial disappointment with STM was quickly dispelled after my encounter with there customer support.

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I’ve been meaning to finally update the design & content on this site, and finally I’ve gotten around to finishing up the design and updating the entire backend. I’ve updated wordpress and I’m still working out some issues with some plugins I was using; but for the most part everything is updated. There are some minor things I’ll be changing around over the next couple days but I’m hoping I’ll be able to jump right into posting some of new things I’ve been wanting to share over the last couple months.

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