I’ve been making more use of my css optimizer in my recent web projects and put some work into creating an automated compression system for css and javascript files in a web project. In an effort to release a script that automates the compression of css and javascript files without compromising the ease of development and debugging I’ve setup a css optimizer service allowing you to use css optimizer without using the web interface or downloading the command line application. Here is how to access this service through the


command line application:

# compression on local css file
curl http://mabblog.com/cssoptimizer/service.php -F "data=</path/to/local/css/file.css"

# compression on remote url
curl http://mabblog.com/cssoptimizer/service.php -F "url=http://mabblog.com/includes/css/main.css"

# uncompression on remote url
curl http://mabblog.com/cssoptimizer/service.php -F "url=http://adomain.com/your/css/file.css" -F "service=uncompress"

More of a convenience that anything else, but this will show its usefulness as I find the time to release the full css and javascript compression system.

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