I love MooTools. I’ve been using it before the 1.2 days; it has been great watching how much it has matured. One of the best things about MooTools is the amount of components that have been written for it: Videobox, SlimBox, and TextBoxList just to name a few. However, the switch from 1.1 to 1.2 broke alot of existing functionality and with that broke alot of the existing components.

Just the other day I found just the component I was looking for: Videobox. The examples on the site looked great, but it didn’t work with the newest version of MooTools. I spent some time converting the animation code over to the new 1.2 syntax and fixing some other random bugs, you can grab the fixed version here. I emailed the developer with the fixes, so hopefully he will post it on the project page soon.

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  • I am using your converted version of Videobox. First of all, thanks so much–this is exactly what I was looking for.

    I am running into a problem (although very minor): when the box comes up, it gives the error: “this.options.transition is not a function.” I assume this probably has something to do with the conversion, so I thought I’d run it by you and see if you similar issues.

    It still works just fine, it just doesn’t do smooth size transitions.

    Let me know if you know anything about it.

    (oh, you can see my test server at lares.shacknet.nu)

  • Hey Ian,

    Not sure exactly what your issue is. I’ve only really used vidbox for custom video playing via JWPlayer. Maybe it is an issue with a different video player? Seems odd that you would get a error relating to “this.options.transition” because the updated videobox hosted on my site does not contain that code snippet.

  • Hi Mike,

    Yeah, this must be a Mootools issue. I think it specifically a problem with morph or tween.

    I am using this for YouTube videos, as demonstrated on the Videobox site. What version of Mootools are you using? I am using 1.2.0.

  • Great work,
    This is exactly what I needed. Did you get a reply from the developer, because he doesn’t seem to have updated the project page yet.

    Many thanks.

  • No, I did not get a reply from the dev yet so I’m guessing the product page is still hosting the old MooTools 1.1 compatible code.

  • Thanks for converting the script to MT 1.2
    You helped me a lot.

  • Thanks…this is great. Saved me a lot of time!

  • You are a life saver! i’ve been trying to merge uvumi dropdown, jw player and video box! if anyone else has issues email me at bretfort [a] jeemail [] com you knw what i mean. Please mention ‘Harris’ in the subject.

  • Hi there,
    can anyone help me to combine videobox with a cookie, so that it shows up only once? My try so far:

    $(function() {
    var COOKIE_NAME = ‘myCookie’;
    $go = $.cookie(COOKIE_NAME);
    if ($go == null) {
    var myCookie = Cookie.write(‘username’, ‘JackBauer’, {duration: 1});
    Videobox.open(“http://www.restevongestern.de/pimp_my_band.flv”,”Pimp my Band”,”vidbox 640 480″);
    else {

    That doesn’t work. Anyone an idea?

  • Thanks a lot. I was looking forward solve a problem and here was it!
    Thank you!!

  • Thank you verrrry much for that fix! Saved me a lot of time!

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