Monthly Archive for June, 2010

It is often hard for me to find the time to actually finish a blog post for this site, I have many many drafts that are about 70% complete but as of now I can’t find the time to finish them and get them out onto this blog.

However, I’ve still been trying to push as much work as I can out into the public realm. Here are some sides that I frequently post code / projects / findings onto:

Hopefully you will find some of the code / ideas I post on those sites useful.

As an aside, I’ve been fascinated with Twitter: there is no ‘right way’ to use Twitter. Facebook is pretty straightforward – connect and stay and in touch with others. Twitter is a generic searchable database accessible from anywhere with easy ways to create relationships between different pieces of data and connect with the larger web as a whole. I use my Twitter account mainly as a bookmarking service; I find the traditional bookmarking model to be very lacking, I’m surprised Apple / Google / Startup will reinvent the wheel. It will be interesting to see what these different massive social sites end up turning into.

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