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Simply & Effectively Optimize Your CSS Code

CSS Optimizer is a command line application that optimizes CSS code. It reduces the file-size significantly: 20-60% depending on your coding style, by stripping unneeded characters such as whitespace, tabs, newlines, and semi-colons. CSS Optimizer only eliminates characters that are not vital to proper display of the CSS file. CSS Optimizer also converts long-hand CSS declarations to short hand equivalents to eliminate even more unneeded characters. CSS Optimizer has been tested to work under many browsers such as Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, and IE; currently I have not found a browser that it does not work successfully on.


  • 20-60% file size optimization
  • Full long-hand to short-hand conversion
  • Support for parsing CSS code in <style> declarations in (x)html pages.
  • Open-Source released under the GPL

Other Links

Personally I use CSS Optimizer and YUI Compress (for javascript code) in conjunction with the following scripts / applications to optimize file-size of any CSS / JS files:

How Do I Use It?

CSS Optimizer can be Downloaded For OS X or Linux as a command line application, can be used through CSS Optimizer X a Cocoa GUI, or through the Online Version if you cant/don't feel like using the command line version. If you want to reformat, or 'uncompress' your CSS files that have been compressed with CSS Optimizer, you can use the on-line CSS Uncompressor.

If you find any bugs, have any suggestions please .

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