Software - XASH

What is it?

XASH stands for Xcode ActionScript Help, my goal is to provide fast Xcode-like Flash help file searching along with a much cleaner & faster user interface than the built in Flash IDE help provides. XASH uses native Cocoa UI elements and API's to accomplish this task, providing excellent integration with OS X unlike the standard Flash Help. You can see XASH in action in the screen shot below (click to enlarge).


I plan on adding the following major features:

  • Xcode-like function & method search
  • Book filtering (ala Flash IDE)
  • Ability to specify additional flash help file directories
  • Xcode-like full text searching
  • Bookmarks

If you have any feature requests, or bugs please let me know.


Download XASH Version 1.4

XASH Source Code

XASH SVN Repository